Friday, May 30, 2008

Mason by Thomas Pendleton

This book is delightfully disturbing, continuously flowing with action page after page, and is difficult to put down. The author has created an amazing web of consequences that will get one thinking about what is right and wrong, and when innocence is an acceptable excuse. He has also incorporated many realistic circumstances that young adults may have the unfortunate to experience into the story, while giving the readers a fictional basis to enjoy.
Pendleton has created a world, and characters that readers of all ages and experiences will relate to. The two main characters, Mason and Gene, represent the traditional “Good vs. Bad” theme in a refreshingly untraditional way. The conflicts are above and beyond what average readers will have experienced, but the feelings captured are all ones that they would have. Mason’s ability to create a world of his own is one that most of us dream of. After all, don’t we all want to escape sometimes?

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