Monday, February 4, 2008

Military Kids

Sooo, this is really important information for everyone. Everywhere now, with the troops over seas, are children and families who were left behind. These children all have different challenges and fears they have to suffer more than those who dont have family members over seas. Many childrens lives are upset and completely overturned when their family members leave. Most of the time, the family gets only a day or two notice before the member has to leave. These families go from two parent households to a single parent household in just a few simple hours. While a few families have support systems, many in small towns have no outside support. So, why am I writing about this? Because it is the community's job to come together and create the support these children need. At a difficult time, our communities must become the families that these wonderful people have lost. Look around your community and I am sure you will be suprised at how many people are among this group. It is our job to be supportive of these people that day in and out support our country.

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