Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ask and Answer

Q: What do you do if you and a bunch of friends go out and there is this one friend that never pays? Many times she goes to the bathroom when the bill comes and then she never pays her share. We all notice, so we tried getting indiviual bills, but then she would just not order anything and eat all of our stuff and still not pay! She is a lot of fun, and we all really like her, except she always does this. What do we do?

A: While it may be annoying that your friend may be trying to skim off you guys, or quite possibly she might be having some financial trouble at home. Try having one of your group talk to her, possibly the one she seems closeset to. I definitely wouldn't recommend trying to talk to her as an entire group, that might seem like you are ganging up on her, and will probably make her defensive. Also, when someone does talk to her, don't blame her for skimming off the bill, just tell her you've noticed that she seems to leave when the bill comes, or something along those lines. You could also get her a new purse or wallet for her birthday or as a "friendship gift", or something. That might be enough of a hint for her. Just talk with her about it, and hopefully she will start paying more attention. But if your friend doesn't seem to change, maybe start being more direct with her, continue getting individual bills, but if she tries to eat your food, and not offer to pay, then just tell her that's not acceptable. Hopefully you can handle this without ruining your friendship. Remember, be delicate! Your's Truly, Bells

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