Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ask and Answer

Q: What do you do if you and a bunch of friends go out and there is this one friend that never pays? Many times she goes to the bathroom when the bill comes and then she never pays her share. We all notice, so we tried getting indiviual bills, but then she would just not order anything and eat all of our stuff and still not pay! She is a lot of fun, and we all really like her, except she always does this. What do we do?

A: While it may be annoying that your friend may be trying to skim off you guys, or quite possibly she might be having some financial trouble at home. Try having one of your group talk to her, possibly the one she seems closeset to. I definitely wouldn't recommend trying to talk to her as an entire group, that might seem like you are ganging up on her, and will probably make her defensive. Also, when someone does talk to her, don't blame her for skimming off the bill, just tell her you've noticed that she seems to leave when the bill comes, or something along those lines. You could also get her a new purse or wallet for her birthday or as a "friendship gift", or something. That might be enough of a hint for her. Just talk with her about it, and hopefully she will start paying more attention. But if your friend doesn't seem to change, maybe start being more direct with her, continue getting individual bills, but if she tries to eat your food, and not offer to pay, then just tell her that's not acceptable. Hopefully you can handle this without ruining your friendship. Remember, be delicate! Your's Truly, Bells

The Princess Diaries

I have to recommend the Princess Diaries for every girl! and I mean the books. Meg Cabot did an amazing job on these stories, and she really gets into the feelings a girl our age might have if we were thrust into a position such as Mia was. If you don't know the story, Mia is a young girl who is just starting high school. She is awkard and the complete of opposite of popular, not to mention she just found out she is the princess of her own small country. We get to hear her story from her point of view. Great read, but don't compare the books to the movies at all. They may have the same general story line, but thats where the similarities begin. The books obviously have so many more details, but the movie changes many things, such as names, places and even who's supposed to be dead or alive. The movies are great, and I'm a major fan of Julie Andrews, but the books are great. Every girl is a princess, and through these books, all of us get to be, through Mia! I think every girl should check them out!


I just saw Jumper tonight, and I would totally recommend it. Hot guys, amazing accents, and incredible views from all over the world. Definitely date material. There's not much I can say about the actual movie itself without giving much away, but this is Hayden Christensen at his best. Filled with action and a twisting plot this is a must see for any girl.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Compulsive Reader

The Compulsive Reader has a blog here on and it is absolutely amazing. She writes reviews for many books, has a book of the month, and even posts interviews with different authors each month. Her book selections are great picks, and personnaly I almost always enjoy the authors, and their books that she writes about. Totally recommend checking out her site. Here's the link: Seriously - check it out!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Girl Kibitz?

So, I have been asked about the name of this blog and I realized that I should probably explain to everyone. Kibitz: 1. to offer gratuitous advice as an outsider. 2. To chat; converse. And obviously the girl part is self explanatory. I hope I've cleared that up for everyone. ;)

Military Kids

Sooo, this is really important information for everyone. Everywhere now, with the troops over seas, are children and families who were left behind. These children all have different challenges and fears they have to suffer more than those who dont have family members over seas. Many childrens lives are upset and completely overturned when their family members leave. Most of the time, the family gets only a day or two notice before the member has to leave. These families go from two parent households to a single parent household in just a few simple hours. While a few families have support systems, many in small towns have no outside support. So, why am I writing about this? Because it is the community's job to come together and create the support these children need. At a difficult time, our communities must become the families that these wonderful people have lost. Look around your community and I am sure you will be suprised at how many people are among this group. It is our job to be supportive of these people that day in and out support our country.