Thursday, January 31, 2008

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Also, one last post today. As this is part advice column, I will answer any questions anyone has. If you need anything, email me at I will post these questions and answers on my blog, however your name and e-mail will stay confidential. If you have a question that you don't want posted, then just include that in your e-mail and I will keep it to myself. My main goal is to start conversations between girls, so please feel free to comment on all posts. Also if you have a story you want me to post, then just e-mail that to me to! Same conditions above apply. Names and addresses will be kept confidential, unless you dont want them to be, then just let me know. :-} Cant wait to hear from you. <3
For my first product eval I will present to you the wonderous product of Nuetrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Daily Cleanser and Mask. I tried this because I was bored with my usual cleaning routine and thought I would change it up. I never thought it would be the best decision of my year. I absolutely love these products! The cleaner is gentle enough to use everyday (which I do) and it shows results almost immediately. And it really is invigorating! It helps me wake up each morning, Happily! After the first time I washed my face with this, my pores were visibly smaller, and my skin was amazingly smooth. I don't think I have had this smooth of skin since I was a baby! As for the mask, it is incredible as well. I can't wait for my weekly in home, treat yourself spa night. I wouldn't recommend using this product more than once or twice a week as a mask, but you dont need to. If your current product isn't working and you're looking for something new, Try This! I almost guarantee this will work for you. I know it did for me! But don't take my word for it. Go out and try it yourself!!!!

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to Girl Kibitz! This is a place where I combine a little Gossip Girl, a little Compulsive Reader and a lot of advice column. Whether its writing a review for a book, or makeup, or answering questions about just normal things in life, its all for girls. This is a place for girls to talk, and figure things out in life and share stories, problems and goings on in life. If you have a question, I can answer it, with other's help. If you just have a story to share, then share it, and if I try a product or read a book I will definitely tell you what I think about it. And here will be nothing but the truth... no sugar-coated answers. So... I hope you enjoy, cause I will have fun hearing form you!!!